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High Pressure, Sand Cast, and Permanent Mold:

  • Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Magsimal, Silafont, Grey & Ductile Iron
  • Prototype to Production volumes

Class A

Painting, Thermoplastic, SMC & Carbon Fiber:

  • Innovation in Design & Process
  • Roof, Hood, Grille, Spoiler, Bezel, Appliques’ & Deflectors
  • Automotive Interiors, Consoles, Arm Rests

Cold Forming

Parts Forming, Specials and Assembly

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass &  Copper
  • Pins, Rivets, Weld Bolts, Variety of Head Styles
  • Secondary Operations: Heat treating, Plating, Patching, Coating, Painting, Machining, Tapping & Cross or End hole drilling is available.

Engineering Services

Concept Development, Modeling and Validation:

  • Complete Engineering Design Support from Concept Through Launch
  • Powertrain Concept Design and Development
  • Feasibility Studies, Benchmarking, Value Engineering
  • Verification, Validation and White Box Testing


Vertical and Horizontal, Precision CNC Machining, Swiss, Single and Multi-Spindle:

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastics
  • Precision Machining designed to hold tight tolerances


Extrusion, Blow Molding, Injection Molding Elastomer and Thermoplastic:

  • Innovation in Design & Process, Black Box Engineering
  • Infrared Welding, Spin Welding, Laser Welding, & Ultrasonic, Assembly Fitting, Testing
  • Fluid Transfer, Charge Air Products, Structural Composites, Innovation in Powertrain Mount Systems and Feed and Return lines
  • Class A Surface, Painted, Decorative & Chrome


Rubber Molding processes include Compression, Compression Transfer, Extrusions and Injection:

  • Innovation in Design & Development, Engineered Rubber Products providing North American content
  • Driveline Products such as Torque Reaction Mounts, Engine & Transmission Mounts, Center Bearings
  • Suspension Tubular Welded & Stamped Linked Assemblies, Vibration Isolation, Mass Dampeners, Jounce Bumpers


Wire Forming CNC, Torsion, Compression, Extension, Over Molding, Wire Forms, and Assemblies:

  • Powertrain, Chassis, and Suspension
  • Seat Wires, Isofix Wire, Striker Assemblies, Muffler Hangers
  • Full Service Supplier (Design, Prototype, Test, and Manufacture)


Deep Draw, Progressive, Transfer, 4 Slide, Fineblanking, Welding & Assembly:

  • Small to large metal stampings and complex welded assemblies
  • Class A appearance trim, structural, exterior, interior, exhaust, N.V.H., ride control, seating, steering column, brake, chassis, and safety-related components


Luxury Materials, Ultra-Microfiber, Leather & Carpeting

  • Seating, Headliners, Door Panels & Flooring
  • Automotive Interiors Designer, Contrasting materials, Tailored details and Bold Color Palettes.

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